The Best Holiday Resorts in Italy

After winning that larivieracasino real money, it is normal that you at least try to go on a vacation and let loose a little.  There are so may holiday destinations that you can go to. And, we recommend that Italy must be on your checklist. Here are the different resorts that we think you should definitely try out.


The beautiful shore of Puglia is the sole of Italy’s shoe geography that at the very point of the heel sits Salento, in which the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet off a spectacular and mainly untouched shore. Deep bays and inlets are divided by rocky cliffs and dunes along the eastern side, which is safeguarded by the Parco Natural Regional Costa Otranto. There are so many fun activities that you can get to do in your visit to Puglia.


The Italian Riviera is among the most popular destinations for both international and local beachgoers. It’s captivatingly gorgeous, with a lengthy coast flanked with colourful structures, a vibrant summer atmosphere, an old-school glam vibe, and wonderful food. While you may access the east coast which is at the port of Livorno, Genoa is the major entry point for both air and boat links. What many people don’t realize would be that the Riviera is teeming with towns and villages which are just as beautiful as any of these, but considerably less busy, most are linked by the rail line that spans the entirety of the shore

Tuscan Coast

Tuscany is a famous tourist destination from all around the world, but most stay to the well-trodden ancient towns inland, reserving the shore to residents and those that understand the ethics and the culture of the area. Forte dei Marmi is a seaside hamlet on the Tuscan coast famed for its food market, long golden beach, and flashy clientele. It boasts a fantastic assortment of beach hotels. The coastline extends from Viareggio all the way down to Livorno, a charming harbour city that serves as a popular cruise terminal for visiting Pisa and Florence. If you are out with your partner you can go ahead and  have a romantic boat ride.

Lazio Coast

Lazio is the southernmost area of Tuscany, and lifestyle centres on Italy’s capital, Rome. The shore is home to a wide variety big port cities, the most well-known of which are probably to be Civitavecchia, Rome’s primary ferry port, and the stunning historical remains of Ostia Antica. Many of the minor seaside towns, including as Anzio and Nettuno, are well within a reasonable commute distance from Rome.  Summer tourism caters to Romans on vacation is made a lot more warm and refreshing. The shoreline surrounding the area is flat, with beaches that are a deep golden colour and a plethora of beachside bars.